Dr. Ding | Dry Eye Disease and Treatment

In this video I will talk about dry eye disease and its treatment. Common symptoms of dry eye disease include dryness, irritation, foreign body sensation, redness, tearing and itchiness. There are two causes of dry eye, not having enough tear volume, or having too much tear evaporation, the latter being the main cause of dry eye and mostly due to Meibomian gland dysfunction. I will discuss over the counter and at home remedies for dry eye treatment, including lid hygiene, warm compress, artificial tears. I will talk about nutritional supplement, specifically, omega-3 to help dry eye symptoms. A variety of devices can also help dry eye, including moisture goggles, lipiflow, intense pulsed light therapy, punctal plugs, neurostimulation device and scleral lenses. I will talk about the FDA-approved medication eye drops for dry eye, including Restasis, Cequa and Xiidra. And autologous serum eye drops for severe dry eye.