FDA approves first contact lens indicated to control myopia in children

Even though OrthoK lenses have been used to slow myopia progression for many years with great effect, last Friday was the first time FDA approved of a contact lens that slows myopia. This is a center distance, multifocal soft daily disposable contact lens to be used in kids 8-12 years of age for myopia control.


MiSight lens has been used already in Australia and several other countries, it is now officially approved by the US FDA.

This is good news for kids with myopia, as in addition to orthoK lenses (see my previous articles on OK lens and myopia: Ortho K: why do it and is it risky? and Oh oh myopia), we now have a soft daily lens that does a similar job.

The pros of OK lens: wear at night, lens free during the day (good for activities including swimming)

The pros of Misight: comfortable as a soft lens; since disposed of after a day, risk of infection is lower (But don’t wear it when swimming or taking a shower).


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